Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feo Amante - Founder of #1 Internet Horror Site

Our 3rd Unconventional Interview is with the founder and head honcho of the number
1 horror website in the world,

Thanks to James for landing us a fantastic interview with a person who's opinion never goes unexpressed. When horror, and intellect hit head on, the damage you're left with is a man they call... Mr. Feo Amante. Be afraid smart asses, be very afraid...

1).Give us a peek into a day in the life of Feo.

On any given day, I quickly go through my email and determine whether or not I should do a morning or afternoon update (sometimes I update several times a day). Then I wake up my wife, she gets ready for work, and I have her on the road by 5:00am. I get back around 6:00 and check other Horror Thriller sites. If everybody is reporting the same thing I ignore it - what's the point? I already link to them. By 7:00am I'm making calls which may or may not lead to getting together with various folk later in the day. By 8:00am I update feoamante. com unless I think an afternoon update would be better. I try to have lunch with someone different every day. I get back and make that update. Answer more emails or MySpace messages. Pick up my wife, make dinner, do husbandly things. By midnight I check the Internet one more time and go to bed. Then I get up around 3:30 - 4:30 and do it all over again.

This page will give you an idea:
http://www. feoamante. com/FeoNews/articles/Cant_Getta_Break_May2008. html

So the best time to rob me is between midnight and 3:30, assuming that I don't have trouble that night, falling asleep.

2).If you could go back in time but only spend 15 minutes there, where would you choose to go?

To me when I was 18. Back then I made a decision which affected how I would handle certain events and I stayed on that path until I was around 30. I blew a number of great opportunities based largely on my conception of "I'll do that when I'm ready." Opportunities rarely occur when you are ready. You have to be ready when it happens. It's okay to do something and lose. It's never okay to even give yourself the chance.

So I would go back, prove who I was (birthmark and the like), and tell myself, "I know you don't think you're ready to do this, but you are. Because, win or lose, you're going to learn from this and meet a number of people who will know your name. Then at some point down the line, they'll remember you and give you another chance. But if you don't do this now, those other people will never meet you; never know you - and the chances they have to give will go to someone else."

3).What is your favorite song from the seventies and why?

Bad Company. When I was 21, I was in a Greyhound bus station; had my ticket; stood in line. Music didn't play on the station speakers, but then I heard the song, Bad Company. I turned to see where it was coming from and this girl was sitting on a bench, holding a boombox turned in my direction, and looking straight at me. Wow! Never happened before and it never happened since. But I missed my bus that day.

4).You have one day to be invisible? Where do you spend it my creepy friend?

Spring. Canada. Hanging out with a pack of wolves. They won't be put off because they won't know I'm there.

5).Vincent Price's ghost shows up and tells you to avenge his death. What do you have for lunch?

Well considering that he died from lung cancer, which he brought upon himself through cigarette smoking, even though he had emphysema (he still wouldn't stop), I'd tell him that he brought it on himself and he knew it. Then I'd take him to lunch at Lucille's Smoke House Barbeque. I'd foot the check. If Vincent made the effort to return from the dead just to have lunch with me, that's the least I could do.

6).What was your favorite television show growing up and why?

It's a toss-up between THE TWILIGHT ZONE and KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER. -Although there are many very close seconds and thirds in there. In both shows however, they formed my ideal of what Horror should be. Scary. It should be unequivocally scary. Second, it should value the lives of those threatened. You can't be scared if you don't give a damn about a character.

7).Do you have an addiction to anything you'd like to talk about? (We could do an intervention but you'd have to supply the beer).
Back in my twenties I forced myself to overcome every one of my addictions. Well, that's when I started. It wasn't finalized until I was well into my thirties.

8).What is your opinion on the oil crisis?

Saying "Oil crises" is too broad a term. Do you mean crises in the lack of oil? There isn't a lack of oil. We honestly have no reasonable idea of how much oil there is left in the world. Do you mean crises in terms of price? American oil companies don't determine the price of world supply: except in California and Alaska, they only control the distribution to the United States. That's why countries that don't have American distribution of oil are still being hurt from this "crises": from India to China and more. For years we've been watching and listening to the left slam most American oil companies (except for Chevron and Occidental - major contributors to the DNC) and stop American oil companies at every turn from drilling on the home turf. More oil comes out of California than any other state in the contiguous U.S., and yet the prices are highest there. What's more, despite this so-called "crises" many leading Democrats from Barbara Boxer to Diane Feinstein want to raise taxes on gas and remove tax incentives on American oil companies who want to drill for oil in the U.S. Diane is proud of it, doesn't try to hide it (I've provided a link to her own page), except when she publicly blames Republicans for the high price of oil. . So consequently we've become dependent on foreign oil - it doesn't take a lot to connect the dots here. Naturally those countries determine how much they want to charge for oil: its their commodity. liike diamond producing countries determine how much they want to charge for crystals. Utter pandering morons like Steve Kagen (D-WI) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): two of the stupidest people in politics, want to sue the sovereign countries that are members of OPEC for their perceived price gouging (Bill H.R. 6074, which passed in May of 2008 ). If the world hates the U.S., it's because of people like Gabrielle Giffords, Raul Grijalva, Harry Mitchell, Ed Pastor, Joe Baca, Xavier Becerra, Howard Berman, Brian Bilbray, Mary Bono Mack, Dennis Cardoza, Jim Costa, Susan Davis, David Dreier, Anna Eshoo, Sam Farr, Bob Filner, Elton Gallegly, Jane Harman, Wally Herger, Michael Honda, Duncan Hunter, Barbara Lee, Doris Matsui, Gerald McNerney, George Miller, Grace Napolitano, Laura Risherdson, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Ed Royce, Linda Sanchez, Loretta Sanchez, Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, Hilda Solis, Jackie Speier, Fortney Stark, Ellen Tauscher, Mike Thompson, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, Henry Waxman, Lyn Woolsey, Gus Bilirakis, F. Allen Boyd, Corrine Brown, Ginny-Brown Waite, Vern Buchanan, Kathy Castor, Alcee Hastings, Ric Keller, Ron Klein, Timothy Mahoney, Kendrick Meek, John Mica, Lleana Ros-Lehtinen, Cliff Sterns, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robert Wexler, C.W. Bill Young, Tom Latham, Jesse Jackson, William Jefferson, Barney Frank, James McGovern, Steny Hoyer, Tom Udall, Charles Rangel, David Hobson, Dennis Kucinich, Zack Space, Charlie Wilson, John Murtha, John Spratt, Lincoln Davis, Michael Capuano, Barney Frank, Stephen Lynch, Edward Markey, James McGovern, Richard Neal, John Olver, John Tierney, Niki Tsongas, Elijah Cummings, Steny Hoyer, Michele Bachmann, Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum, James Oberstar, Collin Peterson, Jim Ramstad, Tim Walz, Henry Cuellar, Lloyd Doggett, Chet Edwards, Louie Gohmert, Al Green, Gene Green, Ruben Hinojosa, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Michael McCaul, Solomon Ortiz, Silvestri Reyes, Ciro Rodriguez, Lamar Smith, and the rest of the 324 members that voted for this bill. Think of the utter arrogance of HR 6074. The United States of America will determine how much each and every country will charge for their exports, and if the rest of the world doesn't obey and abide by OUR decision, we will SUE! You're from Canada, James. And Canada is the largest supplier of foreign oil to the U.S. What would Canadians think of the U.S. if we told you that we would, by force of law, determine what Canada could charge for their exports? In what court of law do these benighted idiots plan to sue? How do they propose to sue? To win? How do they propose to enforce punishment should the U.S. win the suit? The bill passed by 324 to 84. I don't believe that all of the people who voted Yea are stupid, but since the majority of that 324 are Democrats, I do believe that they think their constituents are just that stupid. I hope they're wrong about regular voting Democrats. We'll see. But when it all does blow up in our face, Nancy and her ilk will point their fingers at everyone but themselves.

9).What was the worst job you've ever had? Why?

Scraping living barnacles and other life-forms off of the hull of a boat. The best answer to why it's so bad is to merely try it yourself. The answer becomes luminously clear with every odorous squirt.

10).If you could have dinner with any deceased actor/actress in the world, who would it be and what would you want to talk about?

Well let's see. I already had lunch with Vincent Price. I'd like to meet Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, but I really wouldn't have much to say to them. I'm more of a fan of writers: Algernon Blackwood, Isaac Asimov, Thea von Harbou. I guess I'd like to have dinner with H.P. Lovecraft. I'd take him to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach and tell him (with a trunk load of magazines, books, video games, and DVDs) just how great an influence his work has exerted on the media, and hence, the world. I'd tell him that every Horror movie director alive seeks the Holy Grail of making the perfect scary Lovecraft movie. I'd tell him that a man of East Indian descent (S.T. Joshi) keeps his legacy alive. I'd tell him that a Mexican (Guillermo del Toro) is currently working on AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS as a project right after The Hobbit (and every fan knows why the racial heritage of these people are important, with regard to Lovecraft). I'd let him know that, despite the relative obscurity of his death, his legacy not only lives on, but is tremendous.


Artist Heather Gleason said...

Can Feo invite friends to these dinner parties amongst the dead?


Staci Layne Wilson said...

This is a great interview with Eddie. I've known him for years, and I learned a few new things! Well done.

Randy said...

Looking at that bunch of magazines behind that guy in that picture reminds me that when I bought a magazine which had Generic Viagra announced on the cover.